is situated just outside Cardiff, in Barry, South Wales, and is a family owned and run business, and has been providing industry, local companies and your one man bands for many years. We cover most of South Wales from Barry, Cardiff, Swansea right through to Caernarfon and Bangor. Our customers return time after time for the best scrap metal prices anywhere in South Wales today “guaranteed”.

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Depending on what exactly it is you want, scrap metal prices will vary. Generally, the prices that are determined at a given time however, are based on economic laws of supply and demand and are subject to market forces. This in turn means that the price of scrap metal will normally fluctuate on a daily basis. In basic terms, when it comes to determining scrap metal prices and scrap metal recycling, supply and demand is all you really need to know. For instance, if the demand for scrap metal is particularly high at a given time, but availability is low, then prices will be higher than normal. If availability is high, but interest is at a low point however, prices will decrease - simple really. Scrap metal prices in south Wales also fluctuate just as readily, so if you want to be successful and get a good deal, stay ahead of the game and watch the sector nationally. You will also know that certain metals have different values. Aluminium scrap metal prices are determined by supply and demand much like Copper. However, you really should know about metal specifics if you are to be successful in the scrap metal game. Aluminium, for instance, has greater applications than copper and they are not affected by the seasons. Factors such as these mean aluminium scrap metal prices are more stable and less volatile. Knowing things like this will ultimately mean you make better decisions and have better timing when it comes to purchasing and selling.

Scrap Metal Prices, Barry, Cardiff, Swansea, South Wales

Scrap Metal Prices are the leaders in this ever growing industry and are not matched “regarding the prices we pay for your scrap metal” buy any other scrap metal company. We offer the best prices for all kinds of scrap metal from scrap metal right through to scrap brass and scrap aluminium and will take any scrap cars whatever the condition.

Scrap Metal Prices

Our company policy is that our customers are the most important factor in moving forward in the scrap metal industry. We pride ourselves on being the most competitive in the rates we are paying for all scrap metal no matter how big or small the load may be. We also provide a Clearing service for large building companies, clearing warehouses and any other buildings of scrap metal ready for renovation or demolition.

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Scrap Metal Recycling

If you are a seller of scrap metal, it is vital that you keep an eye on the market if you want to stay ahead of the game and know a good deal when you see one. If you want to know exactly how you can make more money on scrap metal however, and in particular scrap metal recycling, remember these key points. They will also help you to get the best value for money for your scrap metal and will aid you in being able to spot a good deal. Firstly, you should sort out your scrap metal and separate it into different categories - mainly keeping non ferrous from ferrous materials. You will then need to strip all coating and insulation and then look to cut it to 3-4 foot lengths if possible. When it comes to scrap copper metal prices however, you should use a copper wire stripper machine to strip copper cable as this will enable you to get a better price. It is also advised that you use a magnet to determine the type of scrap metal.